Lately I’ve been enjoying writing reviews for places on Google Maps and through websites of places I’ve visited directly. I’m not sure what made me so interested in doing this but I’ve gotten much joy out of it. Especially review written on Google Maps as I get an email every so often that tells me how many views my review has got, how many times a photo has been viewed. I don’t rate everywhere I go as my wife likes to remind me not to trash talk everywhere that gives me a crappy experience. Take for instance PUB15 of Bedford, In. I’ve only been there once and it was a terrible dingin experience mostly from the fact they are a burger joint and ran out of hamburger and didn’t even have the courtesy to post this on the door as you enter. We actually warned an older couple as we walked out who decided they weren’t gonna waste their time. This is actually my first writing about the experience, as I do intend to give them another shot in the future and see if they can earn my trust and an A+ review.